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Last updated: August 01, 2021

Who We Are

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), we inform you that the Site owner details are as follows:

  • Business name: FuTuRisN LLC (hereinafter, “FuTuRisN” or “owner”).
  • Postal Address: 312 SW Greenwich Dr #715, Lee’s Summit, MO 64082, US.
  • Fax: +1 (816) 209 1320
  • Telegram Support link:
  • Registration details: Entered in the Register of Companies of the State of Missouri.
  • Corporate
  • This Project website:

Conditions of access to

These general terms and conditions govern access and use of the website which FuTuRisN LLC places at the disposal of internet users. Access to the website implies unreserved acceptance of the aforementioned general terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Terms of Use linked in the footer. The use of certain services offered on this website shall also be governed by the specific conditions stipulated in each case, which are understood to have been accepted merely by using such services. Access to this website is the exclusive responsibility of the User who is supposed to have read and accepted the legal notices, the privacy and cookies notices, and the conditions and terms of use contained herein.

Access to the services offered via the website is both free-of-charge and paid and may require the prior subscription or registration of the User, notwithstanding that, in order to access certain services, the User may be required to also previously fill in a contact form and pay for the requested section.

If the User does not agree with the content of these general conditions for browsing, the User must leave the website and is therefore banned access or use to and of the services offered by the same.

The User guarantees being over 16 years old; the veracity and authenticity of the communicated information, where applicable, and is also bound to keep this information up-to-date. And finally, the User assumes responsibility for any inaccuracy or lack of veracity of the information supplied.

Any links to other websites, as well as the use that the User may make of them, are subject to these general conditions and to any specific constraints required by said websites. Any use other than that which is authorised, is expressly prohibited.

FuTuRisN LLC reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to alter and update the information contained in the website, the configuration of this website, the terms and conditions of the service and its content, the access conditions, as well as temporarily or permanently delete, limit or suspend them, or block access to the same, and seek to inform the user of this change, whenever the circumstances so permit, by means of a publication on the website.

Conditions of use of

Both access to this website and the use made of the information contained herein is the exclusive responsibility of the user. FuTuRisN LLC shall not be responsible for any consequence, damage or injury that may result from access or use of the information. FuTuRisN LLC shall not be responsible for any possible security errors which may occur nor for any possible damage to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, caused by the presence of a virus in the computer used by the user to connect to the web site’s services and content, by the malfunctioning of the browser or by the use of out-of-date versions of the said browser. The User agrees to use the website services and content appropriately and not to use them for illegal activities or activities that constitute a criminal offence, or that infringe the provisions of this legal notice, of the regulations on intellectual or industrial property, or any other legal provision. The User is exclusively responsible for the use he/she/they make(s) of the information contained in this website.

Also, the User agrees to not introduce, transmit or broadcast, under any circumstance, any of the content that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Content of a racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature, content that glorifies terrorism or that violates human rights.
  • Content that promotes criminal, denigrating, defamatory or violent acts, or acts that are generally contravene the law, morals, good manners and the public order.
  • Information or content that infringes upon fundamental rights and public liberties that are acknowledged both constitutionally and in international treaties.
  • Information or content that constitutes a breach of the intellectual and industrial property rights (including, but not limited to, patents, trademarks and copyright) of FuTuRisN LLC.
  • Unauthorised or unsolicited advertising, junk mail, chain emails, pyramidal structures, etc.
  • Data programmes (virus and malware) that are likely to cause damage to the access provider’s IT systems, its suppliers or third party internet users.

Liability disclaimer

FuTuRisN LLC cannot control the use that users make of the website and its contents, and thus, is not responsible for any damage that may derive from an illegal, incorrect, inappropriate or partial use of the same, or for any breach by the user of these conditions of access and use, as well as any other condition that may be found in this website with regards to any of its services, notwithstanding, under any circumstance, the legal actions that may be initiated by FuTuRisN LLC, or third parties.

FuTuRisN LLC cannot guarantee the permanent availability and continuous operation of the website, or the information, content, software, materials or products included in the same, nor that the latter is up-to-date, although we will strive to prevent and remedy any such interruptions and errors and to update content, if necessary. Thus, any liability for damage of any kind that may derive from a lack of availability or continuity of the website’s operation, its services and the use that users may make of the same, is excluded. In any case, FuTuRisN LLC will make every possible effort to keep this website available continuously.

Similarly, FuTuRisN LLC, will not be responsible for any errors or security weaknesses that may arise due to the use, by the user, of a browser version that is insecure or outdated. Nor will it be responsible for the activation of mechanisms for storing user login codes registered in the browser, or the damage, errors or inaccuracies that may derive from a misuse or malfunction. For this reason, the user exonerates FuTuRisN LLC from any liability related to the reliability, usefulness, or false expectations that the website may generate, while browsing.

FuTuRisN LLC assumes no responsibility whatsoever in respect of connection to or the content of third party links contained on the web site, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the said links which may cause alterations to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), documents or files, including responsibility for any damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

If the user causes any type of damage to third parties, this user will be solely liable for the same. Also, the user will pay the expenses, costs and, if necessary, any indemnities, that may derive from any legal proceedings arising from a breach of any of the provisions in these conditions and in the applicable regulations.

FuTuRisN LLC reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to alter and update the information contained in the website, the configuration and presentation of the site, and the access conditions.

Intellectual and industrial property

All of the website’s content and the education model herein exposed (including, but not limited to, databases, source code, design, navigation layout, images, drawings, graphics, text files, maps, frames, banners, software and its various source codes, audio and video contents), as well as the website itself and its visual presentation, are the property of FuTuRisN LLC or the providers of its contents, which have been licensed or assigned by the former, and are protected by the national and international laws on intellectual and industrial property. The compilation (understanding this to be the collection, design, organisation and assembly) of all of the website contents is the exclusive property of FuTuRisN LLC.

All of the software and course content involved in the use and development of the website is the property of FuTuRisN LLC or its software suppliers, and is protected by the national and international laws on industrial and intellectual property. FuTuRisN LLC has the exclusive rights to use these in any way it deems appropriate, and, in particular, rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. FuTuRisN LLC owns the industrial property rights relating to its products and services, and specifically those relating to the FuTuRisN LLC registered patents and trademarks. With regard to third party products and services mentioned on the website, FuTuRisN LLC acknowledges the claim of the owners to the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, their mere mention or inclusion in the website according FuTuRisN LLC no rights or responsibility whatsoever in respect of the said products and services, nor implying any endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation on the part of FuTuRisN LLC unless otherwise stated in expressly.

All users are prohibited from performing any of the following acts with respect to the website and its contents, without the prior, written authorisation of FuTuRisN LLC or the owners of the intellectual property rights or of any other rights over the contents: these acts include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Any form of public communication, by means of any process, including making it available to the public, which would allow any person to access this from any place and at the time of their choosing.
  2. Any form of distribution, including, but not limited to, the sale, rental and loan of the website contents.
  3. Any form of direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction, by any media and in any format, of all or part of the website or its contents.
  4. Any type of transformation, total or partial, including the creation of derived products and services.
  5. Any other form of access that includes the previous or other ways of access.
  6. Any direct or indirect manner of extracting and reusing all or a substantial part of the contents of any database, and the extraction and repeated or systematic reuse of its unsubstantial parts.

Unauthorized use of the information included on this web site, its sale to third parties, the duplication of the website (scrapping and similar), and any breach of FuTuRisN LLC‘s Intellectual or Industrial Property rights shall give rise to the legally established responsibilities.

Viewing, printing, and partially downloading any of the website’s content is authorized solely and exclusively under the following conditions:
  • That this is compatible with the purposes of the website.
  • That the information is solely for personal and private use (use of the website’s content for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication, conversion or decompilation, also extensively citing our resources, inframing or embedding content from us is expressly prohibited).
  • That none of the content herein and downloaded or linked to is altered in any way.
  • That no chart, icon, drawing, or image available on the website is used, copied or distributed separately from any accompanying text and images or without citing us as the copyright holder (you may NOT republish content for whatever purpose, nor use it in any other educational platforms, video overviews, recommendations, and the likes, without our express and prior-to-any authorization in writing).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user may freely view the website and its contents and download them for personal and non-commercial use, without being able to extend this to third persons or entities, whether free-of-charge or against payment.

Consequently, the provision and use of the databases, images, drawings, graphics, text, audio and video files, and software that is the property of FuTuRisN LLC or its providers, which appear in the website, and any other content, does not entail, under any circumstance, the assignment of the ownership thereof or the granting of a right of use in favour of the user.

The trademarks, signs, distinctive signs or logos that appear in the website belong to FuTuRisN LLC and are duly registered or are in the process of being registered. The unauthorised or improper use of these elements constitutes a breach of the industrial property rights of FuTuRisN LLC.

Procedure in the event of illegal acts

FuTuRisN LLC oversees that the contents of this website are not of a pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or defamatory nature and that they do not promote violence. It also seeks to avoid any circumstance that may be harmful to the users.

If any user or third party considers that there are events or circumstances that reveal the illegal character of any content or of the conduct of any activity in the web pages included in or accessible via this website and, in particular, that reveal a breach of the industrial or intellectual property rights, or other rights, they must send a notification to FuTuRisN LLC, which should contain the following information:

  • Personal data of the person making the claim: name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Specification of the suspected illegal activity and a precise and specific indication of the protected contents, as well as their location on the web pages.
  • If there has been a violation of rights: personal data of the owner of the rights that are believed to have been breached or of the person authorised to represent them and their signature.
  • Express and clear declaration under the claimant’s responsibility that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the use of the contents or the conduct of the described activities is of an illegal nature.

Personal data protection

The company FuTuRisN LLC maintains a confidentiality policy for the data supplied by its users and it will assure that this data is protected. This protection covers everything related to the collection and use of the information supplied via the internet.

Thus, FuTuRisN LLC guarantees that its users’ personal data will be used confidentially and that the server on which the data will be stored and processed is subject to the security measures necessary to prevent access to said data by unauthorised third parties.

For these purposes, FuTuRisN LLC guarantees that it has adopted the appropriate technical and organisational security measures in its installations, systems and files, in compliance with the risk assessment carried out. However, FuTuRisN LLC may communicate the personal data and any other information stored in its files, via its IT systems, to the competent public authorities when these are requested in order to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in each case.

In compliance with the provisions in article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whenever a website user is asked to provide personal data that will be processed, they will be duly informed, as a minimum, of the identity of the data controller, of the purpose for which the data has been obtained and of their rights with regards to the same, as well as all other information that the current Law requires at any time. FuTuRisN LLC will use the user’s data in order to provide the information or the services that the user has requested.

The contractual relationship generated by your request is the legal basis for the processing, and your data will be kept until the requested process is completed. All of the above will apply unless you expressly consent to receive commercial information, by accepting our advertising policy.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation, objection and to data portability by sending a written communication, attaching a photocopy of your national ID card (DNI) or equivalent ID document to FuTuRisN LLC at 312 SW Greenwich Dr #715, Lee’s Summit, MO 64082, US, or to the email address If your rights are not satisfied, you may contact the Missouri Data Protection Agency (

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Cookie policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Links to third parties

This website may include links to other web pages of entities outside of FuTuRisN LLC. The latter does not assume any responsibility deriving from the contents of such web pages, or for the products or services offered and any viruses or malicious software they may contain.

Links to

It is strictly prohibited for the user to make any alterations to this website that may affect its content, such as actions related to links and similar modifications.

Links to this website from web pages or other media that contravene the Law, morals, public order or that harm the good name or image of FuTuRisN LLC or any of its distinctive signs are also prohibited.

All third-party links to this web site must be to the homepage without ANY chunks of code, shortenned links or tracking cookies included in the URL of the same unless provided by FuTuRisN LLC and our PR Department.

Links to any of the pages of this website that do not contravene the aforesaid prohibitions must comply with the following:

The user must know that they are accessing this website and, also, the URL for the page to which they are linked must appear in their browser in FULL.

Legislation and jurisdiction

If you use the FuTuRisN LLC websites, you as a user expressly waive your rights of recourse to any other jurisdiction, and hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the company’s place of business for the resolution of any dispute that may arise in relation with access to this web site, notably the state of Missouri, the United States.

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